Bodacious Reading Series: ‘Bob’s Not Responding’


‘Bodacious Reading Series: Bob’s Not Responding I read at Bodacious last month.  Ten minutes, six poems.  My final one is you-tubed below on ‘Bob’s Not Responding’ (lyrics included).  My other five may incarnate elsewhere. ‘Bodacious’ is a new reading series in North Vancouver, BC.  Kim Seary and Yvette Dudley-Neuman host This reading series.  November’s reading will be ‘Limbo,’ […]

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Vancouver Skiers: Rocky Mountain Road Trip


Vancouver Skiers:  Rocky Mountain Road Trip Feb. 16-21, 2016 Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads.  ~Author Unknown The Vancouver Skiers‘ trip to Rocky Mountain nordic or cross-country skiing locales (skate and classic style) provided so much detail, flexibility and choice in ski and apres-ski planning. What a Rocky-Mountain Rollick, under the leadership […]

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Surrey International Writers’ Conference 2015

Tips for staying on track

I registered in the summer for a one-day marathon at October’s Surrey International Writers’ Conference SIWC 2015 for nearly $300:  three sessions, three one-on-ones and lunch at a value approximating $40 per …there, I’ve done the math.   Worth it?  Let me count the ways. I registered for the Surrey International Writers’ Conference 2015 to inspire myself […]

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